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Jeju Trick Eye Museum opened in January 2013 as the third in the franchise, after Hongdae and Busan. The museum offers exciting and unique paintings created with a special technique to appear 3D. Visitors can create ‘new’ works of art by placing themselves into the famous paintings for a fun experience and one-of-a-kind souvenir photo.

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Put your senses to the test and see if they deceive you at the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul’s Hongdae district. With your ticket in hand, step inside the museum and explore at your leisure. Discover optical illusions designed to fool the eye, focus your gaze on two-dimensional paintings on the gallery walls and set your imagination free as you step into otherworldly photographs. Explore zones including Masterpiece, Fantasy, Adventure and Comic where nothing is quite as it seems, and enjoy fun-filled adventure in the South Korean capital.

What to Expect

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Bring your camera and make your way to the Trick Eye Museum, located in the vibrant Seoul district of Hongdae, teeming with Hongik University students and pulsing with the latest nightclubs. The museum is inspired and named after trompe-l’oeil, an art technique that uses realistic imagery to trick the eye into an optical illusion of making painted objects appear in 3D.

Inside, two-dimensional paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings seem to pop out and come to life, and have been specially designed for photos. Let your imagination fly as you step into the paintings and capture the most creative poses with your camera. On-site staff are available to help you achieve your trompe-l’oeil art.

Wander through various thematic halls, named Masterpiece, Fantasy, Adventure, Comic, Romantic, Bon Voyage and Illusion Painting. Snap photos that show you climbing out of a portrait, catching money flying out of a dump truck and heaving a huge piece of sushi out of a picture frame.
Get lost in the ‘Mirror Maze’; or, change up the pace and check out an educational program on Greek mythology or a current exhibit of a contemporary artist.

Cool things down at the Ice Museum, housed inside the Trick Eye Museum. Walk through a kitchen and living room, watch a TV, ride in a car and pull the reins of a sleigh, all made entirely of ice.

Thirsty or need a snack? Mosey over to the main hall, decorated like Greece’s Santorini, and settle in the café for a cup of hot organic coffee and a muffin (own expense). Scroll through your photos at a table that, you guessed it, features trompe-l’oeil — a hand reaches out of the tabletop for your coffee.


  • Trick Eye Museum entrance ticket including Ice Museum
  • Experience the visual thrills of trompe-l’oeil art, which creates optical illusions, in themed exhibit halls
  • Use your camera to create innovative photographs that make you pop out of the paintings
  • Visit the Ice Museum and enjoy ice sculptures of a kitchen, car, TV, sleigh, igloos and slides
  • On-site staff are available to help you capture the perfect shot
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What’s inside

Run, lie down and enjoy! Watch paintings and walls come to life in Jeju Trickeye Museum!

Six different stories are waiting to be explored. Digital artworks as well as sculptures will help you immerse yourself into the real yet surreal world of optical illusions.
  • Trick Eye Museum offers all kinds of various experiences and things to do to stimulate your creativity and imagination!
  • Boost your creativity by makinga wooden stick bookmark! Use your imagination to create your own original bookmark!
  • Create an original souvenir with your friends and family. Capture your memories with your own special friend.
  • Put pieces of puzzle together and reproduce world famous masterpieces.

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