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Unique Climax Café began its operation in 2009 in the campus of Vietnamese – Soviet Union Friendship Culture and Labor Palace, nestling under the canopy of leaves with very gentle and attractive colors. With an area of about 2000m2 and the capacity up to 600 guests, Climax Café is very convenient for all guests with a spacious car parking.

a cup of special coffe in Climax Café

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Architectural styles and Foods

Being divided into three spaces with different architectural styles, Climax Café was still a harmonious combination of a central bar and ladders along the small verdant landscapes. The unique design always helps you find out a beautiful seat wherever you are with a comfortable feeling. Particularly, the professional and well-trained staffs will bring guests the close and friendly sense.

different architectural styles

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In addition to the traditional types of coffee, guests also have the opportunity to discover the famous and attractive beverages such as the Coktail, Moctail, and so on, plus the variety of fruit juices. The dishes always have the special and attractive taste from the refresh sources of seafood that can not be found out in any where. Climax has many special dishes due to its abundance of the rare seafood products such as sharks, garrupa, Australia lobster, etc.